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Horse riding fun in Margaret River with Jesters Flat

Bopping along on your silken-haired steed through tranquil forests and wide open country plains, it can feel like you and your magnificent companion are as one against the elements.


There’s something poetic about horse riding that cannot be matched by any other activity. And it’s not just us who think so. Holiday horse riding in the Margaret River region is an incredibly popular activity (and one of our most popular blogs!) so we thought it was high time to chat to those in the know. Meet Paul Brennan, co-owner of much-loved Rosa Brook company, Jesters Flat.


Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself and Jesters Flat?

Fiona and I have been in business for two decades. I’m 64 and ridden horses for 60 of those! I’m born and bred in the region, and I actually live in my grandfather’s old house.


At Jesters Flat, we do day rides where you might book in for an hour or two. We also have multi-day treks – we do accommodation, food, booze, and entertainment for the evenings. We ride on our property quite a bit, as well as in state forests, national parks, beaches, and the caves near Boranup Forest.

We have 60 horses, and we freshen up the rides frequently. We typically have eight to 10 tours at any one time, and we can do a ride for people who have never seen a horse before, through to people who are very experienced and play polo and that sort of thing.


Q. Can you share some special tour experiences?

We have a licence to ride in Boranup, and it’s spectacular.


People also love our beach rides with cantering on the sand and dolphins having a play. The dolphins are there from September and at peak times, there are thousands of them. As you ride through the shallow water, they’re bumping into the horses legs. Horses are scared of everything, but they’re not scared of dolphins!

There’s also a great 35km ride that we do near The Berry Farm, but this one is for more experienced riders. And the same with our tour to Colonial Brewery. We finish with a big fire and pizzas, and then we pick the riders up and go home by bus.


Q. Do you visit any lesser known or secret spots?

We ride to a beautiful lagoon out in the state forest in the head waters of the Margaret River. Bloody huge and really deep. We also like Irishman’s Pool – a beautiful ride that one. We tie the horses up, go for a swim, and have a picnic before riding back.


Q. How much do seasons factor into it?

We don’t do beach riding in winter, so we finish that up in April or May. And sometimes we can’t ride through wetlands or other spots in wet weather. However winter is actually a beautiful season to ride as the bushland is so fresh and there’s no pesky dust or flies! If you have a tour later in the day, the season also matters because we’ll have to change the time depending on sunset.


Q. What would you tell someone who has never been horse riding before?

I would say to people, do it before you get too old. It’s a real Australian experience to have under your belt. People are terrified because horses can be huge, but big horses are often the gentle ones.


Q. What tour would you suggest for an inexperienced rider?

An introduction to horse riding. We give them a horse that will put up with a lot; we show you how to get on, which bits to hang on to, and where to touch your horse to get responses. Then we go for a one-hour ride. Or, if you can manage it, we do a Beginner Bush Ride.


Q. Who is your typical clientele?

Often it’s mum, dad, and two or three kids. We also have young couples buying their partner a horse ride. Girls seem to be more into it; boys seem to be a bit scared! We used to do as young as six years old but, due to insurance, kids now have to be 10. We have a lot of Singaporeans and Europeans like Nordic, French, Italians, and Germans. And also Eastern staters, who tend to favour the multi-day tours.


Keen to have a holiday horse ride? Visit Jesters Flat in scenic Rosa Brook, just south of Margaret River. Get to know their tours and price list, and be sure to book so you don’t miss out on what is an incredible life experience. Browse our portfolio of luxury holiday homes today.


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