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Horse riding adventures
in the South West

There you are, high atop your horse as it trots confidently along the path. It’s difficult in today’s frantically paced world, but you finally have a chance to just be. Pretty fields all around, clean country air fills the nostrils, and the hypnotic bounce of the horse lulls you into an almost meditative state.


The landscape somehow seems different from this height, even if you know the area like the back of your hand. There are little discoveries around every corner too: patches of vibrantly coloured flowers clinging to tree trunks, sweet blue wrens fluttering about their day busily, and a mob of kangaroos watching curiously as you pass by.


In a time when we’re frequently told to be more mindful and in the present, horse riding ticks all the boxes. A stress reliver, it’s also (surprisingly) energetic, and both a social and personal occasion. Plus it’s something everyone, young and old, can enjoy.


There are a number of great riding schools throughout WA’s South West, offering a variety of rides for all skill levels.


Jesters Flat, Margaret River

You have a large range of options here. There’s a beach ride in Busselton, a twilight journey for the romantics amongst us, or a picnic outing for the food lovers, plus lots of other unique offerings. Experienced riders, look for the half-day forest adventure where you’ll discover hidden trails and watering holes in WA’s majestic forests.

Contact: jestersflat.com

Jesters Flat Equestrian, beach ride in Busselton

Jesters Flat beach ride in Busselton. Image @jestersflatequestrian


Humble Horse, Cowaramup

If you’re after horse riding that’s more than a one-off activity, you’re in the right place. On offer are school holiday camps, term schedules, and a Saturday Pony Club. However those on a holiday for a short period are also catered for. The littlies will enjoy pony rides, there’s a wine and nougat tour for the adults and, of course, there’s the standard bush ride for all levels.

Contact: humblehorse.com.au

Humble Horse

Trail and pony rides. Image @thehumblehorse


The Horse Resort, Margaret River

A good old-fashioned two-hour trail ride for everyone aged five and above. You’ll get instruction and safety tips before you leave, followed by a beautiful ride past the natural sights of Margaret River: rolling paddocks, dams, farms, and local wildlife.

Contact: thehorseresort.com.au

The Horse Resort, Margaret River

The Horse Resort, Margaret River

Sunset Horse Tours, Pinjarra

Visitors to Mandurah and the greater Peel region won’t miss out. Drive out to Pinjarra and get the little tykes onto horseback for 10- or 30-minute rides, while older kids can take on the longer trails. Adults don’t miss out either. Book in for the pub ride, where you’ll cross the estuary to a local estate for lunch and make your way back on your trusty steed again.

Contact: Facebook page @sunsethorsetours

Brumbies Run, Denmark

Have you ever seen those TV shows set in historical times where they’re cantering across a field shooting arrows? It looks so effortless and impressive. Well, you can experience a modern version with Brumbies Run. Learn about horseback archery as well as natural horsemanship training.

Contact: Facebook page @brumbiesrundenmark


Horse riding isn’t just for children or the experienced equestrians amongst us. Even if you’re of a more mature age and never ridden before, you’ll get a lot out of this timeless pastime.


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