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The Cape to Cape mountain biking experience

Four stages, four days, 205 km. An epic adventure awaits.


What’s there to see? Oh, just vineyards, lighthouses, towering forests, coastal vistas, and ‘Middle Earth’. This is a taste of what the Cape to Cape mountain biking event has in store for lucky riders.


This much-loved event has been held annually in the South West since 2008, when there were just 100 entrants. It has now grown to more than 1,600 and attracts people from all over the country, from elite racers to novices looking for adventure and fitness.

Image courtesy of C2C MTB Race organisors, Ironman.


What makes the Cape to Cape so special is the jaw-droppingly beautiful sights riders are treated to, starting with the views at Cape Leeuwin, with competitors rolling out at the historic lighthouse, which is the tallest on mainland Australia.


On top of that, the ride is exactly that – a ride not a race – with an all-round great comradery that is hard to beat. There’s a huge variety of terrains throughout each stage, so you’ll never be bored. You can go as hard and fast as you want, or you can take your time. It’s up to you.

Image courtesy of C2C MTB Race organisors, Ironman.


The details

When: October each year (although 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19)

Who: Men and women aged 15+. There are several categories, based on age and gender

Where: Four stages throughout the South West, with each stage finishing where it started

Stage 1: Cape Leeuwin (40 km total, with 840 m of climbing)

Stage 2: Boranup Forest (72 km total, with 620 m of climbing)

Stage 3: Cowaramup-Middle Earth (56 km, with 540 m climbing)

Stage 4: Margaret River Special Stage (37 km, with 460 m climbing)


We asked two riders about their Cape to Cape

Jess on the trails in Dunsborough

Jess on the trails in Dunsborough

Jess Reynolds

Determined to raise awareness of the devastating Guillain–Barré syndrome which struck down her friend and neighbour, Chris, Jess embarked on 40 B4 40. This inspirational 39-year-old primary teacher is just a few events shy of her goal to complete 40 events before she turns 40 (and all in one year, too!). The 2018 Cape to Cape was one of the first events she participated in. Learn more about Jess’s mission.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about the race?

It’s my kind of riding; it’s cross-country and not too technical. I’m not a thrill seeker, although it might sound like it! I love getting on a bike and seeing the South West, and you get to ride through amazing places. Plus I love the comradery. It’s awesome to be out there competing together, and everyone helps each other out.

Q: Do you have any tips for new riders?

Train! I know people do turn up not having trained but you need to know your bike, know what’s out there. You need to know and use your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. It’s nearly a 1,000 m elevation on the first stage! You don’t want to leave everything out there on the first day.



David Moyes

Our very own David Moyes is competing in the Cape to Cape for the fifth time. The Private Properties co-owner fell in love with mountain biking in 2010 when the sport was in its infancy in the South West.

David Moyes (far right), with cycling mates Angus and Lloyd.


Q: What’s your favourite thing about the race?

It’s stunningly beautiful. There’s stuff to see everywhere. There’s this one point where you go through Boranup [Forest]. You’re going through this scrub and you pop out into a valley of karris. It gives me tingles thinking about it. You can’t drive through here so imagine how many people haven’t seen this spot.

I like that it’s a multi-day endurance event, which adds a whole other dimension. And all of the stages are so varied. There are all sorts of surfaces; soft sand, hills, and rocky – very rocky! You might have flat, fast fire trails with a gravel road and then all of a sudden, you’ll take a left turn and be on a gnarly trail, and then right around the corner it’s a sandy track. You do have to concentrate.

Image courtesy of C2C MTB organisors, Ironman.

Q:Do you have any tips for new riders?

Get a professional to set up your bike: your pedals, your cleats, handlebar height and style. Your bike should be fitted to you. And nutrition is always important. Make sure you eat well beforehand and have a banana when you’re riding to keep energy levels up. I also take two litres of water with me. And you’ve got to have a first aid kit plus spare tube, tyre levers, etc.


See the South West from a different perspective and gear up for the Cape to Cape. 

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Image credits: C2C MTB and Photo Elements, Margaret River
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