Friday, July 31, 2015

Thar she blows!

Whales, whales everywhere! Now is a great time to book a whale watching tour for the whole family. These beautiful creatures can be seen in the distance from many locations along the South-West coastline at the moment however head to Augusta (south of Margaret River) to get a closer look at them from a whale watching boat.

We love the weekly whale watching reports from our friends at Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association. On Monday July 27th, they said local whale watching companies reported:

  • More than 50 humpback sightings in the last week
  • Sightings of humpbacks with their young calves
  • Sightings of pods of common dolphins, lots of bird life and some sea lions
  • Many humpbacks in Flinders Bay (in Augusta), with a lot of tail lobbing and breaching.

For more information about whale watching tours, visit the Your Margaret River Region website.

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