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It’s Truffle time

Did you know Manjimup, the unpretentious peaceful town in Western Australia’s Southern Forests, is a truffle powerhouse? In fact, there are more black truffles grown here than anywhere else in the southern hemisphere. With a claim to fame like that, it’s no wonder this is also the home of Truffle Kerfuffle – a sell-out annual event that celebrates the sought-after, much-loved delicacy.

What’s a truffle?

This small item has the ability to transform a meal from very good to extraordinary.

Photograph by Jo Wyld. Courtesy of Truffle Kerfuffle.


One of the world’s most expensive ingredients, the truffle is best explained as an underground mushroom. It is notoriously hard to cultivate and is only grown in a few areas of the world, which partly explains the hefty price tag and celebrity status. Truffles have an intense, pungent scent but as for the taste, that’s harder to describe. Earthy, nutty, musty, complex – there are lots of words for the flavour, but nothing quite matches up. The best way to find out is to try some for yourself!

The Truffle Kerfuffle festival, 21st – 23rd June

Nestled in the lush green serenity of Western Australia’s pristine forests is Manjimup, HQ of truffle country. The truffles here are world-class so there’s no better place to have a festival in their honour.

The three-day event features not just truffles, but all sorts of fresh produce. The rich soil and favourable weather conditions make the Southern Forests a food-growing paradise. Apples, avocado, broccoli, potatoes, marron and beef – a huge proportion of Western Australia’s food begins life right here.

Truffle Kerfuffle attracts some of the nation’s greatest culinary talent and offers amazing experiences:

Long table dinner. Photograph by Jo Wyld. Courtesy of Truffle Kerfuffle.

  • Join a truffle hunt with expert Manjimup farmers and their truffle dogs, in search of the aptly-nicknamed ‘black gold’.
  • A four-course dinner with legendary chef Aaron Carr who runs Dunsborough’s sublime eatery Yarri. He will teaming up with Mary Street Bakery, one of Perth’s most beloved cafes.
  • Masterchef alumni and TV star in her own right, Poh Ling Yeow will be hosting a long table lunch in the most incredible of forest settings with Poh’s Lunch Amongst the Karris.
  • My Kitchen Rules judge and celebrity chef Pete Evans will be hosting several events including Wholesome Winter Brunch, a luxurious event perfect to get your day started.
  • Wile away the day at Festival Village, with food, wine, cider, live music and meeting the truffle experts.

Find out more about the event and book your tickets here.


Where to find truffle-d food

If you can’t make it to the festival this year, never fear. You can still enjoy the exotic ingredient all around the South-West and Great Southern regions. During the season, most fine-dining restaurants and restaurant wineries will have at least one truffle item on the menu.

Photograph by Jo Wyld. Courtesy of Truffle Kerfuffle.


Great farmers, producers and retailers in the area include:


The Truffle & Wine Co.

Western Australia’s first truffière, they are now the largest producer of black Périgord truffles in the world. They offer truffle hunts with their dogs, tantalising food from their kitchen, and wine tastings at the cellar door of Truffle Hill Wines.



Silverwood Truffles

In 2009, the team behind Silverwood planted a mind-boggling 2300 oak and hazelnut trees – the roots of each tree inoculated with the black truffle fungus. Now in their sixth year of harvesting these truffles are delivered all over Australia, with classification according to size, aroma, texture and wholeness.


Photograph by Jo Wyld. Courtesy of Truffle Kerfuffle.

Stonebarn Truffière & Lodge

The shop here is a stand-out. Dig in to truffle-inspired salt, aioli, pasta sauce, mustard, oil, and purchase handy accessories. You can also book your wedding at the beautiful lodge.



Manjimup Truffles

Servicing some of Western Australia’s most iconic fine-dining restaurants, Manjimup Truffles also have distributors in Perth for the public to enjoy the same amazing produce.

Visit them at


Exquisite truffle recipes

One of WA’s best truffières, The Truffle & Wine Co., features recipes on their website, including perfect wintertime comfort foods potato gnocchi and croque monsieur. And Silverwood Truffles offers quick snack ideas and a hearty mushroom and truffle risotto. The gourmet fungus can also be used in sweet dishes. Try truffle panna cotta with truffle honey, recipe courtesy of Great Southern Truffles.

Photograph by Jo Wyld. Courtesy of Truffle Kerfuffle.


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