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Family-friendly surf breaks in the South-West

What is it about jumping in the surf that’s just so exhilarating?

Is it being at one with nature with salt and sand in your hair? Or is it the heart-stopping moment you catch that perfect wave you’ve been waiting for?

If you want to incorporate a little bit of surfing into your next family holiday, you’re in luck. The South-West is a world-class surfing region, with Margaret River hosting the Margaret River Pro competition since 1985. But these breaks aren’t exclusively for the top surfers. There are many different spots so all experience levels are catered for, including complete beginners.

Where to go

Just as ski slopes have varying degrees of difficulty, some surf beaches are better suited to beginners, some for intermediates and some are best left to the professionals.

Yallingup Beach, Yallingup

Right in front of Yallingup town is Yallingup Beach, a long stretch of coast that is a ‘must visit’ attraction in the area. This is a perfect surfing spot for all members of the family due to the wide variety of breaks. There is the classic Main Break, suitable for all levels, breaking on the reef which surrounds the idyllic Yallingup lagoon. Further north you can find Rabbits, Mouse Traps and Shallows – all better suited to experienced surfers. To the south is Smiths, a barrel wave. Here, beginners usually take to the waves at the southern end.

Huzzawouie (Huzzas), Gracetown

This is one of the best spots for novice surfers. The waves are on the smaller side, fairly consistent, and roll in rather than dumping; perfect ingredients for a beginner. However, it is an area with exposed reef, which makes it a great surfing spot, but you’ll need to take care. If you’re more experienced, nearby North Point and South Point might be a better option.

Margaret River Mouth Beach, Margaret River

This is another great choice for new surfers. The waves here can be paddled to easily and they break over sand, very close to the beach. Beginners can find their feet by catching the whitewater into shore, ideally when the swell is on the smaller side. When the swell gets larger, however, surfers might find the waves break with too much force onto the sandbars.

Ocean Beach, Denmark

A short drive from Denmark, this is a busy spot for swimmers, surfers and sunbathers alike. As an added bonus, it is patrolled by Denmark Surf Lifesaving on the summer weekends. As with Margaret River Mouth Beach, this sandy break is best for beginners when the swell is not so large. Head to the western end for smaller, more manageable waves.

Where to learn

Don’t know how to surf? No problem. There are plenty of surf schools here for all ages, including adults who have never stepped foot on a board before, and those who are a little nervous. You can join a group class, one-on-one lessons, a course, or a series of lessons during the school term. We recommend these schools:

Margaret River Surf School, Margaret River
0401 616 200
Facebook page

Josh Palmateer’s Surf Academy, Margaret River
0418 958 264
Facebook page

Yallingup Surf School, Yallingup
0429 881 221
Facebook page

South Coast Surfing Lessons, Denmark and Albany
0401 349 854
Facebook page

Where to stay

We have plenty of properties just a short walk from these beaches where you can relax after a salty, sandy day on the water. Soothe your tired muscles in a spa, laze in the warm summer night air or cook up a big barbecue to cap off the day. Here are a few to choose from:


Percy Street, Gracetown

We’ve chosen this property just outside of Margaret River because it has direct access to the beach. Well, three different beaches, including Huzzas, North Point and South Point. Relax on the balcony, coffee in hand, with sprawling beach views. Or sit down for a leisurely family breakfast at the large breakfast bar. If you are visiting in winter, there is a cosy indoor fire to warm yourself. Find out more.


Sunset & Surfside, Yallingup

Lots of us reminisce about the days of a childhood spent outdoors, playing with the neighbourhood kids and coming inside only when the sun went down. This big, beautiful townhouse will give your children that same experience. Just 45 steps to the beach, the family will be running as fast as they can to the water each morning.

Fall in love with the adventurous side of the South-West. Stay at one of our conveniently located homes for the perfect family-friendly surf holiday.

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