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Beach alternatives this summer in the South-West

While lying on the white sand of the South-West’s beaches is a great way to spend a summer, there are plenty of alternatives for anyone looking for some fun and adventure on their holiday.

From canoeing to horseback riding, the Margaret River region and the South-West are brimming with great experiences that will make your getaway memorable.

Here are eight of the best.

Mountain biking

Margaret River Adventure Company, Margaret River

Western Australia’s South-West is becoming a renowned hotspot for mountain biking experiences, thanks in part to the four-day Cape to Cape event.

There are many trails to explore throughout the region, including the Boranup Forest and the Munda Biddi Trail. If you don’t have your own bike or don’t want to travel with one, you can hire one from several locations, including South West Boats and Bikes in Dunsborough.

If you feel like trying something fun and a bit different, how about a fat bike tour with Margaret River Adventure Company? These bikes have special tyres that provide traction, suspension and floatation – which makes this ride through the South-West’s forests and beaches all the more memorable.

Rock climbing and abseiling

Margaret River Climbing Company, Margaret River

The South-West coastline is some of the most beautiful it’s possible to find. If it’s not pristine, white sand beaches, it’s incredible cliffs that beg to be climbed.

Margaret River Climbing Company offers a rock climbing and abseiling half-day tour, allowing you to experience the majesty of the coast up close, while having a thrilling, heart-racing adventure.

Scale the cliffs at Wilyabrup before giving abseiling a go, with the help of experienced guides.


Bushtucker Tours, Margaret River

The river after which the town of Margaret River is named is a beautiful, pristine wilderness. And with no motorboats allowed on the water, it’s the perfect place for a peaceful paddle in a canoe.

Bushtucker Tours’ canoeing tour starts at the river mouth at Prevelly Beach and takes in the exhilarating views of the valley and cliffs, as well as the indigenous and pioneering history of the region. Native wildlife is everywhere, and you’ll have the chance to try “bush tucker” – delicious food prepared with traditional or native ingredients.


Margaret River Adventure Company, Margaret River

Experience the stunning Indian Ocean as you’ve never experienced it before, with a coasteering adventure.

If you are a good swimmer and love the feel of the power of the ocean, this is definitely the activity for you. Coasteering is about climbing up rocks and jumping in the water, using current surges and ebbs, and scrambling back up onto the rocks.

With Margaret River Adventures’ coasteering tour, you’ll visit secluded granite coastlines and explore parts of the Ngari Marine Park most people don’t get to see. At the right time of year, you might well see whales or sea lions, too.

Caving and cultural

Koomal Dreaming Cultural Experiences, Yallingup

Take a very special journey into the Ngilgi Cave at Yallingup. This isn’t just a chance to see an incredible natural cave formation; explore the local indigenous culture, too.

Koomal Dreaming’s tour includes a live didgeridoo performance inside the cave, indigenous storytelling and traditional fire making. You’ll take a bushwalk and learn how to identify traditional plants, foods and medicines and how they are uniquely linked to the six Noongar seasons.

You’ll also get to see and touch tools and cultural artefacts used by the local Wadandi people in their everyday lives.

Ropes and zip-lines

Forest Adventures, Busselton

Get in amongst the South-West’s stunning tuart forest and have a high-flying adventure at the same time. Forest Adventures is a high rope adventure course park located in the beautiful tuart forest 10 kilometres north of Busselton.

Forest Adventures has 65 activities spread over six courses of varying height and difficulty, and people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a fun, safe and rewarding experience. Starting off at just three metres and working right up to 19 metres above the forest floor, the activities increase in difficulty, getting wobblier, longer and more challenging as you progress!

There are also plenty of zip-lines, including a dedicated zip-line course with more than seven zips. The final zip is more than 150 metres in length.


Jester’s Flat, Rosa Brook

Whether you’re a beginner who’s always wanted to get on a horse or someone with loads of experience, spending some time in the saddle is a fantastic way to spend a few hours.

Jester’s Flat offers horseback treks through the vineyards, forests and the beach.

They’re based at Rosa Brook, 18 kilometres east of Margaret River, and offer tours every day except Thursdays.

You can even learn more about grooming and saddling. Tours range from 90 minutes to four or five days!


Yallingup Maze, Yallingup

The Yallingup Maze is a fun and challenging way to spend some time with the family.

The 40-metre-square timber maze includes 1.6 kilometres of winding passageways, all of which are pram and wheelchair friendly. It takes about half an hour to complete, with three different levels available to challenge those of differing abilities. The maze is a great group activity and adored by kids.

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