Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Autumn holidays in the Margaret River region

With summer coming to an end, many of us are feeling the pangs of sadness — longing for just a few more sunny, lazy days at the beach. Others will be feeling a true sense of relief — happily bidding farewell to the heat, sunburn and flies that are all part of a typical Australian summer.

Whichever category you fall into, you’re in luck. As summer transitions to autumn, it’s a perfect time to book a holiday to Margaret River. The early autumn months bring the respite of slightly cooler weather, coupled with still-sunny days. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy outdoor pursuits without the blanket of summer heat slowing you down.

Shelley Cove, near Bunker Bay

Shelley Cove, near Bunker Bay


Autumn is a particularly good time to visit wineries in the Margaret river region. This year, due to cool weather conditions at the end of 2016, the vintage (when grapes are harvested and made into wine) is later than usual. It’s falling towards the end of March for most vineyards. Vintage is an awesome time to take a behind-the-scenes tour of local wineries and see exactly what’s involved in creating the perfect bottle of wine. You’re also likely to get Instagram-worthy photos of grapes being harvested or transported to the winery.

Voyager Estate, Margaret River

Voyager Estate, Margaret River

Some of our favourites include the Cape Mentelle behind-the-scenes tour, the Vasse Felix original tour, and the Voyager Estate tour — simply because of the sheer volume of the operations at these premises.


For a more low-key winery experience, autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy beautiful surroundings without the sweltering heat. What’s more, several wineries in the region allow you to have a ‘BYO picnic’ on their grounds, meaning you can enjoy a stunning view and a bottle of local wine with food and nibbles you’ve brought from home. Our best picks for wineries that allow you to bring-your-own picnics are Redgate Wines and Howard Park & Madfish Wines.

Brave the high seas

For those of you still craving the salt water in the autumn, the season sees surf swell rising towards the mammoth waves of cooler months, but without the crowded surf breaks of summer.

Happier to stay on land? Autumn is a good time to pick up a takeaway coffee from a local café or coffee van and sit at a surf lookout. If you’re a particular fan of surf spectating, check out the Margaret River Pro competition at the end of March and beginning of April.

Another notable feature of autumn down south is the southwest salmon season, typically occuring through March and April. The famous Dunsborough salmon run sees schools of salmon flood the Geographe Bay and Cape Naturaliste area, attracting keen fisherman from all over the state.

Of course, having quality accommodation to return home to in the evening is what transforms a regular holiday into an unforgettable luxury experience. On a nippy evening, you may get a chance to christen the fireplace for this year. To browse our range of exclusive holiday homes in the area, click here.

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