Property Finding

Give yourself the gift of experience

While it’s a pleasure to stay for a weekend, a week, even a fortnight in one of Private Properties’ beautiful houses, even the best holidays end too soon. Then the bags are packed, the last pictures are snapped, and it’s all memories. And the chance of revisiting your new favourite holiday spot in a future getaway becomes subject to the vagaries of availability.

For a fortunate few there comes a point in life when you are ready for not just a holiday, but a holiday home. The rare chance to be away and yet comforted by the familiar. To have a place to rest, relax, and make your own without any concern about availabilities and unknowns.

Through our Home Finding Service, Private Properties applies the accumulated wisdom and connections of our thirty years’ experience evaluating and managing exceptional properties to the task of locating your perfect holiday investment property. Our skilled property-finding consultants will scour the coasts, bluffs, and rivers of the South West to present you with undiscovered design gems, local estate legends, and cozy properties of character and warmth.

We gladly go to great lengths to secure a place you will be proud to call home.

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