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Published July 12, 2018 by Private Properties
Four properties with irresistible warmth and charm

Setting, design and décor all combine to make a house feel like a home.

Here are four very different properties, each ideal for a weekend getaway or a family holiday, that all make use of their setting, design and décor to create irresistible warmth and charm.

Beach Cottage


There’s a pleasing nod to history at Beach Cottage. This restored beachside bungalow is the sort of home where, for decades, West Australians have enjoyed their summer holidays.

But while the cottage has retained its heritage character – the wooden floorboards throughout, the iron roof, detailed architraves and glass louver windows – this is also a home that has been reimagined for modern living.

The large deck carries the warmth of the wood floor through to the outside and, combined with the conservatory, helps make the outdoor space feel like an extension of the house. It has been designed to be the natural place to congregate on your return from the beach.

The white walls help to give this home a crisp, contemporary feel, while signature pieces of décor – especially in the kitchen – hark back pleasingly to the cottage’s history.

Cypress Hill Farm

Denmark and Walpole

There are some distinct and lovely features that mark out a traditional farmhouse in the verdant hills around Denmark and Walpole.

Like farmhouses in many places across Australia, they often have high pitched roofs, clad in iron, and they have wide verandahs all around. But this particular part of the Great Southern region was timber country – and the massive karri trees that grow on the steep hills were an abundant construction material. That means weatherboard exteriors and timber-lined interiors are to be expected in this part of the country. And that holds true, even if the home in new.

Cypress Hill Farm holds to these design traditions but with the added benefit of an amazing setting. Nestled into a hill on a working truffle farm, the homestead has views across rolling hills and dales which look stunning in any season.


Swan Valley

The bright West Australian sun is reminiscent of the summer sun in Tuscany, northern Italy. This is never more apparent than when you’re in the Swan Valley, surrounded by grapevines, against the backdrop of the Darling Range. Indeed, many Italian families settled in the Swan Valley, starting the wine industry for which it is now famous around the world.

So, the valley is the perfect setting for this Tuscan-inspired home. Tannamurra has all the requisite features – rendered walls, terracotta roof tiles, vaulted ceilings and shuttered windows. Set on 325 acres, with an expansive landscaped garden, the property is reminiscent of the grander northern Italian homes.
The décor – right down to the dinner table that seats 14 – has been carefully curated to pair the Tuscan heritage aesthetic with the modern desire for stylish simplicity.


Margaret River

Good design either fits seamlessly into its surroundings, or it stands out against it. When your setting is 33 acres of pristine, natural, Australian forest, a good architect knows to work with the landscape, not against it.

Encircled by trees, Birnhamwood is built from the earth. Literally. Its ochre-coloured walls are made of rammed earth – a natural and energy-efficient building material. Natural materials are used everywhere – including brick interior walls, and timber furniture and walkways. The pitched iron roof reflects the sky above.

Special attention is paid to setting here – large pieces of art are dotted about in the garden and amongst the trees; the raised timber walkways wind between the trees, rather than forcing a path through them. Inside, too, attention has been paid to making this home feel warm, welcoming and natural, with extensive use of timber.
This is an ideal spot to get away from it all, recharge, and reconnect with nature.

We have many charming, luxury homes throughout Western Australia’s South-West region that would be perfect for your next holiday. Browse our list to find a home for your next escape.

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